1. When we think about something, there’s an image associated with it. Whether its words, names, phrases, places of course, we imagine it to be like something or the other. And there are certain things which we just say and never bother to delve/imagine deep enough. A trillion dollars seems like such a far away thing for us Indians but reading your post, that very instant, ‘a trillion dollars’ had an image and will remain so atleast as a great extrapolated imagination!!

    Jai Gurudev.

  2. I never associate an image with money though I do it with all other things…. i really don’t why tats way I am made…..
    But this is hilarious…can’t help but wonder at the imagination of your friend and taking pains to do this….

  3. haha…Good One:-) I had never even bothered to think how so much of money would look like!!

    Siddharth Sukhija

  4. They say that the amount our corrupt politicians have stored in their Swiss bank accounts is so much more than 1 Trillion Dollars. Now wouldnt that be some visual if all that money was converted into Rupees and brought back to India. I guess if all the Rupee currency notes were burned to fuel an electric power station, it could power a city for a year.

  5. Imagine if smiles were currency,
    The world would be richer by the mile.
    Definitely more happy and bright,
    And certainly less fragile.

  6. Must share with you guys that this past weekend I was in Indonesia; on the way there I changed 200 US$ to Indonesian rupiah — guess how much I got? Over two million!!
    Laughed my head off and spent the weekend doing hectic divisions by 10000-odd even to buy a cup of coffee 🙂

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