The symphony of creation

Vikram Hazra with FLute

Our shastras have described this entire creation as a play and display of one consciousness, one energy that manifests itself in infinite forms while being essentially formless. This utter abstraction which appears self-contradictory has baffled scientist and seeker alike for centuries. The ancient rishis seemed to have no trouble in reposing in this dual nature […]

Moving forward

This past week, it has been a source of pride to me to meet and interact with scores of educated, dedicated young professionals who are determined to participate in bringing a widespread long-term change in India in a constructive manner, independent of caste, religion or political affiliation. Volunteer For A Better India, to be launched […]

Bhajan Chords – Lyrics – AOL

This blog post is in response to Questions asked by the blog readers. Checkout, ask questions and Questions and Answers List.   Q: Vikrambhaiya, Can we get the guitar chords of bhajans online?A: Hey I’m the wrong person to ask since I don’t know too many chords myself — I outsource all the difficult parts to […]