The unbearable brightness of Being!

Every single day bursts with opportunity. So much to see, so much to learn, and so much to do! Sometimes I can barely contain my happiness — how fortunate am I to be born on this bountiful planet — that too at a time when mankind is witnessing its greatest technological advances as well as a resurgence of spiritual values.

At times it seems futile even to try and learn a single discipline — music, art, architecture, medicine, photography — each worth several lifetimes of study.

How much could I possibly grasp in this infinitesimal interval which I have been given — to play, to live, to learn, to give?

Challenges, doubts, distractions and obstacles abound; yet they pale in comparison to the overwhelming good it has been my humble privilege to witness. Helping hands in an apparently selfish world; simple, innocent love in a place where trust is reported absent; abundance and generosity where lack would seem to loom large.

And running through it all like a leitmotif — wonderful, complex music coupled with moments of utter stillness, samadhi. The Master’s grace wafts through this existence, a fragrance of rose and sandalwood, turning each breath into intense prayer.

It’s as though a giant hand obliterates the din, the traffic, the pollution, the crime and the grime in a fraction of a second; I stand renewed, recharged and refreshed — helplessly and hopelessly unable to express my bliss.

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  1. Anonymous says

    How refreshing to see your views. In general most of us are stuck in the mundane things of life, not stopping by to witness and experience the joy that this creation gives us

  2. says

    Very positive post coercing us to look at the other side.
    Its soo amazing to realize that contrast exists ensemble and whatever we experience in life is just a matter of our choice of which part of contrast we chose.
    Great to read your choices and experiences !!
    \\helplessly and hopelessly unable to express my bliss
    :) :) ha understand understand :) :)

  3. says

    Hari Om. Well said. Those who complain about everything or anything and those who are feeling pain and those who hate others for whatever reason should read this. How lucky we are to witness the beauty of mother nature and all that our universe contains! And how lucky we are to have Sri Sri Guruji and His followers/desciples like Sri Vikram amonst us! Hari Om.


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