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This past week, it has been a source of pride to me to meet and interact with scores of educated, dedicated young professionals who are determined to participate in bringing a widespread long-term change in India in a constructive manner, independent of caste, religion or political affiliation.

Volunteer For A Better India, to be launched nationwide next month, provides a platform for good citizens to join peacefully without vested interests and hidden agendas, and to rebuild the image of our nation which has been tarnished by fundamentalists, pseudo-secularists and politicians alike (with generous support from some sections of the media). 

The drive, clarity and focus of the youth that I met was impressive, and this time it was infused with quiet determination rather than misplaced angst.

Some of them were insistent that I should blog more often/regularly, and I do agree. These past few months, all the good stuff I have written has actually been siphoned into the body of my upcoming books, at least one of which should be ready by June — so I have been writing quite a lot, just haven’t been publishing it on the blog.

Anyway, now that the core sections are done, I am free to share some views and concerns with you all again. 

Meanwhile, Guruji has finally started blogging at which is incentive enough for me to dive into the blogosphere once more! 

I have never been a great fan of social media, especially Twitter, which I find both incestuous and inconclusive, and hence have stayed away from it. 

Facebook has become like a community news bulletin and hence significant for me, and interestingly it is like a digital archive of the days of our lives. I find it better to have a select circle of family and friends with whom I share regular as well as minute details of my life, while maintaining a “fan page” where I reach out to the Art of Living community at large. 

Please do join/like this page at

I also have a couple of albums coming up, and before that I wish to share some of my thoughts on the kind of music I have been working on, and the process of bringing it to fruition. Do stay tuned :)


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    Wow bhayya nice to see back in the blogosphere after a break. Waiting eagerly for your books to be released. It is really overwhelming to know you are involved in Volunteer for A Better India drive. Your enthu and energy along with HIS grace will bring about far reaching changes for sure.

    And please do blog at regular intervals because it means a lot to me….

    Luv and Regards

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    dear vikram, i am also a spiritual seeker like you. i follow sri sathya sai baba. i want to ask one question. you sing a lots of bhajans written, created by sri sathya sai sewa organisation, if you know a little about the organisation itself, its more than 65 years old, that is far far older than art of living and you sing bhajans that we used to sing as children. while we never mind using bhajans on any platform, but when you upload it on a public domain like youtube, dont you think it will be appropriate to give it a reference, that it belongs to so n so. because i know you sung a lots of sikh shabads also without any reference and people take these as your creations which is an insult to their original writers, who are our sikh gurus whom we worship as god. kindly think over it again.

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    Dear Sukhjinderji
    I totally agree with you. I myself have a long association with Sri Sathya Sai organisation, and have done numerous Satsangs for them around the world. You may have noticed that the clips uploaded on YouTube are not posted by me, and hence I am not able to edit or follow up on those. I would request you to email me the names of the writers and composers of Bhajans which you know for sure, so that when my own YouTube channel is active, I can give credit where due. In addition, this will help me be in touch with them in case I intend to record any of these Bhajans in future albums.
    When I sing shabads I usually give a short commentary explaining the meaning as well as outlining the source, perhaps those talks are not uploaded (I really don’t follow YouTube and social media much, preferring to be with my own Sadhana and study) — I shall alert my webmaster to add such comments wherever applicable on my own channel :)

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    Hey Hi Vikram,
    Veerry happy to know that youve been writing a lot :) Now we are waiting a lott to read it :)
    Eagerly waiting for your book !! Is this the first one ? or have i missed out a golden companion earlier??

    I completely agree with you reg twitter but honestly speaking if you unfollow all the friends and follow the right people of your interest then its a great source of information

    Also now lemme check out this volunteer for better India ..i am also interested :)

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