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Q: Vikrambhaiya, Can we get the guitar chords of bhajans online?A: Hey I’m the wrong person to ask since I don’t know too many chords myself — I outsource all the difficult parts to my highly qualified band-mates! I am, however, constantly striving to learn more about theory and harmony — hopefully this year onwards I shall have more time for the same — till recently my teaching schedule took up almost twenty days of each month, leaving precious little time for even the most mundane of domestic chores :)

The past few years I have been doing a lot of research into different styles of devotional music of India, especially from the folk traditions — we have such a huge treasure trove of knowledge and art, most of which has never been documented.

I have had the privilege of listening to genius musicians and unheralded saints sitting in people’s houses, or even under the trees, in remote villages whose names I cannot remember. The only thing I recall is being transported to heights of ecstasy, and praying that I could be blessed with such simplicity and lack of artifice!

For all those musicians who would like to play music in Satsang, here is a link to pdf files from the Art Of Living Website.

Aol Bhajans Lyrics with chords guitar or piano chords – Compiled By Christina (German Ashram).

You can find the online pdf file here

There are 3 more online pdf files with Bhajan Lyrics (these are lyrics to sing bhajans or devotional songs without chords).



  1. Asha Kalyanpur says

    thanks bhaiyya for uplifting our mental states everytime we hear your bhajans: vocal and instumentals….pure bliss!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Jai Gurudevdev Vikramji!

    Eagerly waiting for your album based on “devotional music of India, especially from the folk traditions”.

    Glimpse of it in a form of “Dashavtar” was pure bliss at DSN in Meerut last year.

    With love and regards,

    Saudi Arabia

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